Cupping therapy is based on the vacuum effect caused by the local use of suction cups. The vacuum is created in the cup either by the air suction using a pump, or by burning sticks that are applied to this field for about 20 minutes. Many professional sportsmen use this technique for its ability to increase strength and endurance or tissues or during deoxidation program. Furthermore, it is a treatment of choice for

Significant therapeutic effect is achieved by the fact that with the help of the cup the fascial sheets in the tissues are moved, releasing the stagnated toxins and imposing movements of fluid and giving the tissue the healthy state.

Summary cupping is a treatment of choice for stagnated muscles and cellulite for it detoxicating effects.

Effect of vacuum cupping therapy

  1. Deoxidation and strengthening of immunity
  2. Increase of the endurance of soft tissues
  3. Improvement of the metabolism and circulation of fluids
  4. Elimination of deep congestions
  5. Release of clogged sebaceous and perspiratory glands
  6. Recovery of the texture and functionality of muscles and ligaments
  7. Removes edemas and inflammations

Indications for vacuum cupping therapy

  1. Deep, aching muscle pain
  2. Local blood circulation disorder (congestions)
  3. Requirements of increased muscle tone
  4. Posttraumatic and postoperative recovery
  5. Cold and mild inertial disease
  6. Muscle atrophy


 Home visits:

Trail treatment 40 minute £50
Diagnostic session £150
45 minute treatment £80
1 hour treatment £100
1.5 hour treatment £140
Block of 10 x 1 hour treatment**** £800
Block of 10 x 1.5 hour treatment**** £1300
Family package 1:***
2 times weekly x 1.5 hours –
(8 treatments in total)
Family package 2:***
3 times weekly x 1.5 hours –
(12 treatments in total)
Full package (2 hour treatment) £250

*(with own treatment couch)
**(with couch brought in by therapist)
***valid for one month
****Valid for 3 months


Massage £100 per hour
Visceral massage £100 per hour
Acupuncture £40
Cupping £60 – £200 (varied)
Tapping £20 (one area)
Adjustments £40
Fascial £40
Lymphatic £50
Beauty Varied

Types of vacuum cupping therapy

Types of vacuum cupping therapy may be “dry” and with a withdrawal of blood.

“Dry” method of therapy is the use of the cups on the warmed skin of the patient. Procedure is completed, when the cup is removed from the patient’s skin. “Dry” method us more suitable for the removal of deep muscle congestions.
Method with a withdrawal of blood is applied in two stages: first as a “dry” method, however, after the initial removal of the cup the therapist makes microscopic cuts and returns the cup into place. Thus, the upper blood congestion leaves the human body. Blood withdrawal method is more suitable for deoxidation.
Another model of division is the position of the cup: static and dynamic. Meanwhile, static position can be both “dry”, and with a withdrawal of blood. Dynamic position is carried out in a passive form, when the massage is performed by the therapist, or in active form, when patients carry out a series of movements by themselves, thereby involving muscles under the cups. Static method is most often accompanied by blood withdrawal and is used for deoxidation. Passive dynamic method is used to work with affected soft tissues to return their functionality. Active dynamic method is suitable for work with healthy soft tissues to improve their functionality.
The choice of location of cups placing may depend on the condition of the tissue or bioactive reflex zones, and may vary depending on the case.

Contraindications and side effects of vacuum cupping therapy

  • Recent injury
  • Edemas and tumors (including cancer)
  • Pathologies of the lymphatic system
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Weakening of internal organs
  • Infectious diseases (influenza, virus, skin diseases)
  • Open cuts, burns
  • Complete rupture of muscles or tendons
  • Thromboses or bleeding disorder
  • Acute cardiac pathologies
  • Pregnancy (depending on gestational age)
  • Absolutely everything, what you can be unsure about!

ATTENTION!!! After the therapy, local bruise may appear when treating bucked muscles for a first time

How to make an appointment for sessions of vacuum cupping therapy?

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