Methods of manual manipulations constitute a wide range of methods of “hand techniques” focused on stimulation of joints and/or internal organs, their surface and surrounding structures. The therapist conducts an accurate diagnosis and treats in accordance with specific symptoms of the patient. Knowledge of neuromuscular connections and their behavior helps specialist to make treatment as effective as possible.

Effect of manipulative treatment methods:

  1. Straightens spine
  2. Removes blocks and semiluxations in the spine and joints
  3. Creates a symmetrical distribution of load on the joints
  4. Returns straight posture
  5. Removes spasms and strengthens muscles
  6. Improves elasticity of muscles and ligaments
  7. Removes edemas and inflammations
  8. Relieves pain in back, neck, shoulders, between the shoulder blades
  9. Relieves neurologic sliding disease
  10. Improves local blood flow and circulation of fluids
  11. Elininates toxins from the tissues and improves metabolism

Indications for use of manipulative treatment methods:

  1. Aching joints and/or joint pain
  2. Pain in the spine
  3. Pain in the loin and between scapulas
  4. Posture disorder and/or curvature of the spine
  5. Nonhomologous symptoms: pricking, numbness, tingling, sharp pain
  6. Disorder and/or loss of functionality of the joints and/or internal organs
  7. Injuries and fractures
  8. Preparation for athletic competitions
  9. Preparation for childbirth
  10. Preparation for surgery
  11. Exhaustion


 Home visits:

Trail treatment 40 minute £50
Diagnostic session £150
45 minute treatment £80
1 hour treatment £100
1.5 hour treatment £140
Block of 10 x 1 hour treatment**** £800
Block of 10 x 1.5 hour treatment**** £1300
Family package 1:***
2 times weekly x 1.5 hours –
(8 treatments in total)
Family package 2:***
3 times weekly x 1.5 hours –
(12 treatments in total)
Emergency Appointments £250

*(with own treatment couch)
**(with couch brought in by therapist)
***valid for one month
****Valid for 3 months


Massage £100 per hour
Visceral massage £100 per hour
Acupuncture £40
Cupping £60 – £200 (varied)
Tapping £20 (one area)
Adjustments £40
Fascial £40
Lymphatic £50
Beauty Varied

Types of manipulative treatment methods

Manual therapy is an influence of the therapist on the patient through “hand techniques”. There are many different kinds, methods and directions. And each method has from a dozen to several hundred techniques. The main methods of manual therapy are classic, cranio-sacral, visceral and structural methods.

– Structural method is a method of impact on the spine, peripheral bones and soft tissues. The method of influence is based on the rotational manipulations, often performed on the verge of a physiological joint barrier. Manipulations are carried out through a combination of fixed joint position together with the vector/angle of free movement in the direction of which the manipulation is carried out, by “short or long levers”. Manipulation ensures the release of a joint, and is often accompanied by a “pat sound”. As a result, the joint gets a new position and restart of neuromuscular signal of this joint is happening.
– Cranio-sacral is a method of impact on the scull and sacral bone, and any relationship between these two important physiological centers (Cranium Latin). Cranio-sacral techniques or cranio-sacral therapy is a very soft and subtle techniques, based on the mobility of the cranial bones and sacral bone. It is a powerful method for headaches, fatigue and insomnia.
– Visceral is a method directly influencing internal organs by direct penetration through the abdominal muscles and reflexive areas of the spinal column. The method is widely used in various diseases and damage of the gastrointestinal tract, and/or for acceleration of recovery and normalization of the internal organs functioning.
– Classical the method, unfortunately, is almost forgotten by modern manual therapist. It is based on minimal impact on the patient’s body and the philosophy that the body only needs a little push to start normalizing its functionality. The technique widely used vibrating and oscillating movement without sharp axial manipulation of the joints.

Contraindications and side effects of manipulative treatment methods

  • Infectious diseases (influenza, virus, skin diseases)
  • Open cuts, burns
  • Fresh injury or fracture
  • Muscles or tendons ruptures
  • Recent injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Varicose veins
  • Aptitude to thrombosis or hemorrhage
  • Acute cardiac pathologies
  • Pregnancy (depending on gestational age)
  • Tumors (including cancers)
  • Certain diseases such as bursitis, uratic arthritis, myositis with ossification, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation of the periosteum and others
  • Absolutely everything, what you can be unsure about!

How to make an appointment for sessions of manipulative treatment methods?

Types of massage

  • Acupuncture


    — a trend in traditional Chinese medicine, in which the effect on the body is carried out with special needles through specific points on the body by introducing them to these points and their manipulation.

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  • Vacuum massage

    Vacuum massage

    — is the impact on the skin and underlying tissues unit consisting of pneumatic suction cups and an air compressor.

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  • Manual therapy

    Manual therapy

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  • Massage


    — this is the most ancient and natural way to impact on the body.

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  • Fascial therapy

    Fascial therapy

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  • Cosmetic procedures

    Cosmetic procedures

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