Lymph drainage is a kind of therapeutic intervention focused on improving of the return and increase of lymph flow. The lymphatic system of a human does not have the vascular smooth muscles inside, and the main force of the movement is the movement of the muscular system, pulling the lymph. After an injury or surgery normal functionality is compromised and muscle movement can be greatly limited. This leads to even greater congestion of lymph and restricts the movement of muscles even more. The result is a vicious circle.

Lymph drainage is a general health-improving tool and is widely used for normalizing of lymph flows.

Effect of medical lymph drainage

  1. Removal of edemas
  2. Improvement of metabolism
  3. Elimination of local toxins and waste
  4. Recovery after surgeries and injuries
  5. Nourishment of soft tissues (skin, muscle, tendon, ligaments)
  6. Improvement of circulation of lymph and fluids in the body
  7. Increases immunity and the overall tone
  8. Tones and strengthens walls of blood vessels

Indications for medical lymph drainage

  1. Inflammations and edemas
  2. Consequences of injuries and surgeries
  3. Low metabolism
  4. Weak muscle tone
  5. Overweight
  6. Varicose vein condition
  7. Numbness


 Home visits:

Trail treatment 40 minute £50
Diagnostic session £150
45 minute treatment £80
1 hour treatment £100
1.5 hour treatment £140
Block of 10 x 1 hour treatment**** £800
Block of 10 x 1.5 hour treatment**** £1300
Family package 1:***
2 times weekly x 1.5 hours –
(8 treatments in total)
Family package 2:***
3 times weekly x 1.5 hours –
(12 treatments in total)
Emergency Appointments £250

*(with own treatment couch)
**(with couch brought in by therapist)
***valid for one month
****Valid for 3 months


Massage £100 per hour
Visceral massage £100 per hour
Acupuncture £40
Cupping £60 – £200 (varied)
Tapping £20 (one area)
Adjustments £40
Fascial £40
Lymphatic £50
Beauty Varied

Types of medical lymph drainage

The main principles of lymph drainage are: cleaning paths and pump-like movements. This increases the mechanism of internal absorption and improves the dynamic of fluid, reducing edema, relieving the area of edema from the inflammation and internal pressure on the tissues, which contributes to the speedy recovery.

Work on clearing of lymph paths begins with the far side of the damage, and then continues in the opposite direction, which can take some time. For example, you need to clean the edema on his right ankle, then you have to start with the neck! Why? This is a simple anatomy. Our lymphatic system begins from the tips of our fingers and flows upward against the gravity through channels, ending in thoracic duct flowing into the subclavian vein, from where the lymph falls back into the blood. This place is at the front, just below the clavicula. Then it is necessary to work through the thoracic lymph duct, located in front of the spine. Next, go to the lymph nodes of the abdomen, pelvis, groin, popliteus and lymph vessels of the lower limbs. Then, repeat the entire procedure in reverse order. You can also use a variety of internal lymph pumps and work out such internal organs as the spleen and liver.
This is a very useful tool that gives visible results in the condition of the tissue. Often used when recovering from injuries or for bedridden people or wheelchair users, because the lymphatic system relies on the movement of muscle tissues.

Contraindications and side effects of medical lymph drainage

  • Infectious diseases (influenza, virus, skin diseases)
  • Recent injury or fracture
  • Acute cardiac pathologies
  • Pregnancy (depending on gestational age)
  • Muscles or tendons rupture
  • Open cuts, burns
  • Thromboses or bleeding disorders
  • Aptitude to thrombosis or hemorrhage
  • Tumors (including cancers)
  • Edemas and tumors (including cancers)
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Complete rupture of muscles or tendons
  • Absolutely everything, what you can be unsure about!

Types of massage

  • Acupuncture


    — a trend in traditional Chinese medicine, in which the effect on the body is carried out with special needles through specific points on the body by introducing them to these points and their manipulation.

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  • Vacuum massage

    Vacuum massage

    — is the impact on the skin and underlying tissues unit consisting of pneumatic suction cups and an air compressor.

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  • Manual therapy

    Manual therapy

    — the methods of treatment and diagnosis, representing the impact of the therapist’s hands on the patient’s body.

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  • Massage


    — this is the most ancient and natural way to impact on the body.

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  • Fascial therapy

    Fascial therapy

    — a holistic system applicable to spasm in the muscles of the soft tissues, to the fascia, ligaments.

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  • Cosmetic procedures

    Cosmetic procedures

    — a therapeutic profilakticheckaya procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the skin and removal of decay.

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