The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word anatomy? That’s right – the skeleton. It is the first thing that we see in any anatomical classroom. However, the concept of the integrity of the body through the skeleton is, alas, not correct. This is just one part of our body.

Fascia or fascial threads forming fascial tissue is precisely the connecting thread that unites all and every cell of our body. It provides support, the path for electrons, hormones and fluids. Fascia is the magic of our body!

Fascial therapy is one of my main interests! Until a few years ago, in medicine it remained unnoticed, that is why until now so many are trying to figure out what approach would be best to work with the system of the body, which is so hidden! In my opinion, the muscles obey the fascia, because the fascia cover everything.

Effects of fascial therapy

  1. Softens tissues
  2. Improves fluid circulation and metabolism
  3. Removes congestions of soft tissues
  4. Restores the original texture and functionality of muscles and ligaments
  5. Removes edema and inflammation
  6. Increases elasticity of soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons)

Indications for fascial therapy

  1. Ache and pain in muscles, tendons and ligaments
  2. Ache and deep pain in the joints
  3. Hormonal imbalance
  4. Loss of functionality of musculoskeletal apparatus
  5. Neurological symptoms – sharp pain, numbness, pricking
  6. Elimination of inter-system imbalance
  7. Muscle spasms and weakening
  8. Postoperative and post-athletic recovery
  9. Exhaustion


 Home visits:

Trail treatment 40 minute £50
Diagnostic session £150
45 minute treatment £80
1 hour treatment £100
1.5 hour treatment £140
Block of 10 x 1 hour treatment**** £800
Block of 10 x 1.5 hour treatment**** £1300
Family package 1:***
2 times weekly x 1.5 hours –
(8 treatments in total)
Family package 2:***
3 times weekly x 1.5 hours –
(12 treatments in total)
Emergency Appointments £250

*(with own treatment couch)
**(with couch brought in by therapist)
***valid for one month
****Valid for 3 months


Massage £100 per hour
Visceral massage £100 per hour
Acupuncture £40
Cupping £60 – £200 (varied)
Tapping £20 (one area)
Adjustments £40
Fascial £40
Lymphatic £50
Beauty Varied

Types of fascial therapy

The concept and approach to the fascial work is mainly based on an understanding of the work of neuroendocrine interactions and their impact on the soft tissues of the human body. In general, all methods of treatment should be carried out very slowly and gradually, so they require much time for successful conduct of the treatment. Meanwhile, a good report between patient and therapist is required, because the coordination is important here. The main advantage of fascial therapy is that it works directly with the “body” through the neurologic receptors, and, since the fascial system passes through each tissue, even superficial work can be very deep and effective. The techniques used in this therapy are very different and can be based on reflexory principles.

They can be performed as tractions, dragging, percussions and other techniques. The number of repetitions, duration of the phase, direction of movement, breathing and good mood of the patient play an important role here.

Contraindications and side effects fascial therapy

  • Recent injury
  • Edemas and tumors (including cancer)
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Weakening of internal organs
  • Infectious diseases (influenza, virus, skin diseases)
  • Open cuts, burns
  • Complete rupture of muscles or tendons
  • Thromboses or bleeding disorders
  • Acute cardiac pathologies
  • Pregnancy (depending on gestational age)
  • Absolutely everything, what you can be unsure about!

How to make an appointment for sessions of fascial therapy?

Types of massage

  • Acupuncture


    — a trend in traditional Chinese medicine, in which the effect on the body is carried out with special needles through specific points on the body by introducing them to these points and their manipulation.

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  • Vacuum massage

    Vacuum massage

    — is the impact on the skin and underlying tissues unit consisting of pneumatic suction cups and an air compressor.

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  • Manual therapy

    Manual therapy

    — the methods of treatment and diagnosis, representing the impact of the therapist’s hands on the patient’s body.

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  • Massage


    — this is the most ancient and natural way to impact on the body.

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  • Fascial therapy

    Fascial therapy

    — a holistic system applicable to spasm in the muscles of the soft tissues, to the fascia, ligaments.

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  • Cosmetic procedures

    Cosmetic procedures

    — a therapeutic profilakticheckaya procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the skin and removal of decay.

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