• Cost


    There is no fixed price, it depends on your location, time, number and nature of treatments.


     Home visits:

    Trail treatment 40 minute £50
    Diagnostic session £150
    45 minute treatment £80
    1 hour treatment £100
    1.5 hour treatment £140
    Block of 10 x 1 hour treatment**** £800
    Block of 10 x 1.5 hour treatment**** £1300
    Family package 1:***
    2 times weekly x 1.5 hours –
    (8 treatments in total)
    Family package 2:***
    3 times weekly x 1.5 hours –
    (12 treatments in total)
    Emergency Appointments £250

    *(with own treatment couch)
    **(with couch brought in by therapist)
    ***valid for one month
    ****Valid for 3 months


    Massage £100 per hour
    Visceral massage £100 per hour
    Acupuncture £40
    Cupping £60 – £200 (varied)
    Tapping £20 (one area)
    Adjustments £40
    Fascial £40
    Lymphatic £50
    Beauty Varied

  • Loyalty point

    Loyalty point

    Discounts are available to pernsioners and people with disability.

  • Treatment Strategy

    Treatment Strategy

    Treatments are tailored individually to best suit your needs. Commonly, there is a mixture of techniques to fully meet your requirements.

  • Timing


    The initial treatment usually takes longer and may be 1.5 to two hours, allowing time for a proper diagnosis. Follow-ups are usually between 30 minutes and one hour.

  • Availability


    Services are available by arrangement.

  • Home Care Advice

    Home Care Advice

    Undoubtedly most of our lesions are the result of our own habits and way of life. So it is unrealistic to expect a problem which has built up gradually over the past 20+ years to be resolved in a few treatments. Subsequently, to achieve a therapeutic effect, great effort needs to be put in by the patient with the assistance of the therapist.

  • Stretching & Exercise

    Stretching & Exercise

    It is a major part of Home Care Advice, and should really become a daily routine. Those who have pets see them stretching daily. So why are we falling behind?

    Adequate exercise is a key to achieving tissue reshaping and is a “secret key” to true healing.

  • Balms & Essences

    Balms & Essences

    Balm and oil application is used where necessary to enhance the stimulating effect and reach full tissue response. It is not used excessively and depends on the required therapeutic effect.

  • Ethical Standards

    Ethical Standards

    High ethical standards of client privacy, confidentiality and friendly, professional relations with mutual respect are maintained at all times. If the clinician feels the standards are compromised, treatment is stopped immediately.

  • Referral


    Sometimes, it happens that patients need to be seen by other medical professionals. In that instance, a referral is made. This letter becomes a legal document on which GP than must act.

Question / Answer[/text_divider]

  • I experience a back pain in last 2 weeks. It began after lifting of a car tire from the ground. What to do? What could it be? – Alexey

    Thank you for your question.

    However, to discuss specific pathology without seeing it, without taking the case story, without conducting diagnostic tests, not knowing the nature of the pain and possible medications you are taking; is like discussing the taste of the pie, which the sister of my neighbor prepared when I myself was at work and did not even taste it.

    I advise you to sign up for consultation and undergo a complete examination.

  • I saw the prices much lower than yours, what have caused your price? After all, there are many specialists who do the same and much cheaper. – Daria

    Thank you for your question.

    Do you know this story, there is a huge oil tanker in the port and it is idle due to engine failure. None of the ship mechaniсians can fix it, so they called a specialist. The mechanician arrived, half a day asking question about what was happening, another half a day examining the engine room. At the end of the day he took a hammer and hit one bolt. He said: it’s ready, star it! They started it, everything works. The master has left, then the bill for £ 10 000 arrived. It made captain’s eyes to pop out: he said, this is my monthly salary for one day, how comes?! He send a letter to the master with a request to explain the bill. The explanation arrived: £ 1 for a hit on the bolt, and £ 9999 for knowing which bolt to be hit.

    The same here! A lot of efforts, time and finances invested in the acquisition of knowledge. The cost of one day of study seminar is about £ 400 +/- £ 50 and £ 2500 a week approximately +/- £ 400. Plus the cost of tickets, accommodation and other things.

    The work is focused on the result. And the acquired knowledge, skills and experience allow to achieve it in the shortest possible time with the best result.

  • How long will the effect of therapy last? – Roger

    Thank you for your question.

    It is not say easy, it depends on your character, way of life and the resulting attitude, commitment and consistency in treatment.

    The main problem is that most patients can not (or do not want, God knows) to complete the recommended course of treatment!!! Upon initial improvement in symptoms, andeven partial return of the functionality they interrupt the course of treatment and get back to their normal way of life. But even here it is possible to expect a result up to six months.

    Next, your commitment is important. This means that the correct performance of the recommended physiotherapy exercises. They, just like tablets, have their dose, method and frequency of the administration, which you MUST follow.

    Finally, the consistency of treatment is not only undergoing of the course of treatment, it is also a change your lifestyle, habits and environment. It makes no sense to treat you for pain in the neck if you at work air conditioner blows directly into you neck five days a week. The same way, it does not make sense to rehabilitate and treat your liver if you continue to compete with the demon alcohol. Your desire to get well, or at least an understanding that your situation reqiures drastic changes, is very important.

    Because of above mentioned reasons, it is recommended to take the course of treatment, rather than individual sessions. Sign up!

  • How many sessions does my course of treatment include? – Leon

    Thank you for your question.

    Again, it all depends on your symptoms – are they chronic or acute (fresh), your age, lifestyle and so on.

    For an adult up to 40 years it is about 8-10 sessions, for children – a little less, about 6 sessions, since their ability to regenerate is much better and their habits are still being formed, for seniors – from 12 or more sessions, which is based on their low ability to regenerate and their ingrained habits.
    Your lifestyle is very important. With an active lifestyle, but without damage to your health, your need less time for the treatment. Since the tissue cells are more elastic and blood flows more easily in the required areas of the body.

    The timeliness of treatment is also important, the sooner, the more susceptible are your symptoms.

    And, of course, the extent of the injury or the extent of its effect on your body.

    In conclusion, we can say that the average course of treatment is from 6 or more sessions. It should be noted that, in the course of treatment old long-forgotten symptoms requiring your further treatment will occur.

  • When the first results of your therapy will be visible? – Melisa

    Thank you for your question.

    Initial result will be visible after the first session! It can be either a decrease of pain sensation, or the return of the lost functionality.

    However, it is necessary to understand what is the symptom. Villain or victim? Most often it is the victim. And, like in dominoes, everything is along the chain, one pulls the other. To actually remove the pathology, we will have to work hard in order to find and neutralize the villain, breaking a vicious cycle, and giving your body new behavioral models.

    We will take a photo of your back and document your symptoms, set a date for the revaluation of your condition after a number of sessions. When the time comes, you will be able to verify the result of the work done.

  • I see a lot of treatment methods on your website, I read them, but I can not figure out which method is right for me? – Lilia

    Thank you for your question.

    There is no definite answer here. It all depends on your symptoms and pathology. How did they appear, were they present for a long time, and so on?

    There is also the factor that I call “the character of the patient”. Some people do not like needles or manual methods and prefer softer methods of influence. Others believe that if there is no pain, there is no effect and prefer more harsh treatments.

    It is also necessary to understand which goals do you pursue? If the “look” is important for you, some forms of therapy have to be avoided, for example, cupping or scraping massage leave traces on the body of the patient for another 2-3 weeks.

    In any case, at the time of a telephone consultation and initial survey, we will already have an idea of which treatment methods will be the most suitable for you.

  • How often can I come to you session? – Otto

    Thank you for your question.

    Any interference in the system (in this case your body) requires time for these changes to act and for the results to be visible. If you like, it is like looking for the keys at the bottom otherwise the keys will be easily lost.

    Similarly in therapy, it is necessary to make the intervention and see what effect it will produce, then continue to move from a new point of reference.

    On average, the recommended frequency of visits it once or twice a week.

  • How often can I see you and can I combine your procedures with other treatments? – George

    Thank you for your question.

    The recommended frequency of sessions is no more than once or twice a week. An exception may be professional sportsmen during intensive training for competitions.

    As for the second part of your question, then there is no single answer. It all depends on what kind of treatment is in question. For example, if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or other diseases requiring constant medical treatment, you must continue it.

    On the other hand, if you want to combine the treatment sessions with other types of manual therapy, such as massage, osteopathy, physiotherapy and others, it is not recommended. Since the picture of produced effect of the treatment will be very blurred and it will not be easy to identify an effective treatment strategy.

    I recommend you to complete a specific session or a course of treatment, and then only after a week to see another specialist. Give your body a rest!

  • Can there be side effects or worsening of primary symptoms? – Simona

    Thank you for your question.

    This is not an easy question. It all depends on the nature of the contour pathology and how long have you been experiencing it. Has it become chronic, which changes it has already made in your body, or is it a recent pathology or injury which is still of acute nature.

    If pathology has been present for quite a long time and become chronic, worsening of the primary symptoms is possible.

    Think yourself, you can not simply come and after one session remove that what was already with you for 5-20 years. So, the regression here can be quite probable. But it will be temporary and it is likely to last for one or maximum two sessions. This is a natural reaction of the body that breaks up old habits and acquire new ones.

    In other cases, during therapy, in acute and recent symptoms and injuries, the patient usually feels a sense of mild drowsiness or even wants to sleep. This is only temporary and it quickly returns to normal.

    The main advice is – do not postpone, come immediately! The more acute your symptoms are, there more easy t to treat them.

  • Can I combine your sessions or treatment course with my regular workouts in the gym? – Denis

    Thank you for your question.

    Treatments session produces rearrangement on the physical, structural and neurological level. Your body needs 24 to 48 hours to adjust to a new way of behavior.

    Therefore, I recommend you to take sessions on the same day as your workout, but after them. And after the session, to refrain from heavy physical activities for at least 1 day, preferably for 2 days.
    After this rest your body gets used to a new way of behavior, and you can come back into battle!
    So the answer is – yes, you can. But taking into account the above recommendations.

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