Diagnostic examination

Duration: 1.5 hours or more, including more than an hour examination followed by the initial treatment method.

At the end you of diagnostics you get:

  • Identification of your main symptoms and ailments
  • Understanding the health of your body
  • Full picture of the overall musculoskeletal state of health
  • The number of required procedures, their nature, duration and treatment method most suitable for you
  • Individually tailored program of stretches and exercises
  • Recommendations on workplace ergonomics

Statement of main symptoms
No one knows your body as well as you do! You have a right to state your personal goals and desires! We will help you to identify your main symptoms and will work to eliminate them!

Identification of the state of health
Your state of health involves many different factors, such as psychological, physical and spiritual. We will consider all these aspects!

General diagnostics
General diagnostics includes review of all physiological systems of your body (cardiovascular, respiratory and other). We will consider all of them!

Musculoskeletal and biomechanical examination

Active examinationis carried out by the patient following the doctor’s instructions.

Passive examination is carried out by the doctor when the patient is relaxed.

Special tests are carried out to identify specific pathology.

Musculoskeletal examination shows the state of the muscles and neurological activity. It also shows the freedom of movement of the joints and biomechanics of the body.

State of health
After the diagnostics, having a clear idea about the patient’s state of health, the doctor can understand the behavior of the body and the most suitable method of treatment of the patient and physiotherapy techniques to achieve the best therapy effect.

Advice on ergonomics
People in modern society spend a third part – if not more than half – of life at work. Having a good posture, properly equipped workplace is of key importance, not only for safety but also for a healthy lifestyle.

Advice on stretching and exercise (physiotherapy)
Stretching includes such variables as: time, number of sets and reps, characteristics (static, dynamic, ballistic) and, of course, a lot of different positions. There is nothing wrong in downloading the application on the phone or watching TV with display of the exercises and instructions on physiotherapy. You can follow it, but will it be right for you?

You will receive our program which is most suitable for your body condition!

As a result, you will receive the identification of the places in your body, on which therapy should be focused for their return to the normal state. Our therapy relieves pain, gives freedom of movement, giving you a healthy body.

You will be given a homework: individual program of exercises and physiotherapy. So there is no reason not to feel young again!