We love activity!!! What ever it might be…. Hiking, cycling, jogging. Does not mater…
However, after prolonged activity our body produces lactic acid and other toxins and waste products. This gives us a fatigue and a even a muscle cramps. By the way like or a repost is your way to say – thank you!

It is useful, when you have a person like….aaaa me to take it all out.
But if you don’t, what can you do??? Here is a lifehack!

Take a hot bath and put there about 3 good table spoons of baking soda.
Soda will rise the ph of water which ideally you what it to be at 8 ph.

Waste and toxins have a lower ph about 5-6, 7 if you are lucky…
Is the outer ph (in the bath) is higher toxins will move from the lower to higher ph to balance it out.

So, after a good work out treat you self to a relaxing bath to hel your musckes!!!

You can use sea salt. The effect will be not as strong but is does the job

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